SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Know Your Horses is now a Lucky Trader Company!!

By Ryan Trost and Tyler Klose

Since Tyler and I were kids, we constantly have bounced entrepreneurial ideas off of each other searching for our "big thing". The moment we first watched Vanilla Bean cross the finish line in first place, we knew we'd be tracking her every move. The need for data and analytics inspired Tyler and I to create KYH and the plethora of tools available to further your advantage out on the tracks, in the breeding barn and in the market. It has been our absolute pleasure building the site out for you all, and we've had a blast! It has been challenging, exciting and even stressful at times. Many of you know Tyler and I have made the shift to working on Know Your Horses full-time. We risked our professional backgrounds and jobs because we so fully believe in ZED Run as a concept and ecosystem, as well as our role within. So it is my pleasure to formally announce that Know Your Horses is now a Lucky Trader HQ company! Founded by the creators of the sports betting analytics juggernaut FantasyLabs, Lucky Trader is poised to take the NFT market by storm. 

From our CEO and co-founder of Lucky Trader Jonathan Bales:

"Almost no NFT platform has more upside than Zed, and the most premium site to analyze data and make informed decisions to build a quality stable is Know Your Horses. Lucky Trader's mission is to provide the best data, tools, and analysis for those investing in NFTs and alternative assets, and so we know we need to be a leader in analyzing digital horses. I can't believe I just said that. Sometimes we'll need to build the best tools ourselves; in other areas, we'll need to partner with the best companies. In the case of Know Your Horses, the site and team were so good, we decided to bring them into the Lucky Trader family via an acquisition - one major step in our path toward becoming the go-to resource for new-age investors."

From Lucky Trader co-founder Peter Jennings:

“Big things [for us with ZED] are Ryan and Tyler and Know Your Horses. Great team and vision and a perfect fit for Lucky Trader. I’m bullish on games in the metaverse and ZED is one of my favorite bets for the long-term. ZED has the best investors behind them including Cuban, A16, TCG. The future is bright.”

Lucky Trader is an analytics, tools, and content platform that functions as the “on-ramp” to the highway that is modern finance. We connect traders with the resources they need to make the best choices for underserved alternative investments, from NFTs to decentralized finance to fractional investing and beyond. Check out the site, and join the mailing list at https://luckytrader.com/ 

We are inspired and more energized than ever to make this site the one-stop-shop for every one of your ZED analytics, news and content needs. Thank you for being a part of this journey with us so far and for all of your continued support. See you on the tracks!