Why Glue Deserves Respect

By Ryan Trost

Ah...the breeze is blowing, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping...and you’ve got to explain to your significant other why you dropped hundreds if not thousands of dollars on a digital racehorse. The kicker? You’re having a hard time differentiating your Z20 elite common coat buterin from the back-to-school counter staple that is Elmer’s Glue. So what do you do? Give up? Race it into the ground slowly hemorrhaging 2-5 dollar buy-ins as you watch your ROI collapse like meme stock bag holders? I offer you a better perspective. 

Let’s put it this way. My childhood friends and I want to be rich. Bad. Like so many of you involved in any type of speculative investment in the 2020s, the name of the game is low entry cost and parabolic appreciation. The dream. You buy Gamestop at 15 and sell at 350+...perfection. But reality can hit you quickly. Life isn’t designed to reward the commonplace. We have hundreds of years worth of wealth inequality and poor governance that made it, and keep it that way. This is the reason you see our younger generation encapsulated by disruptive technologies. Crypto, electric vehicles, meme stocks, NFTs. Each offers the opportunity to elevate one's economic standing through innovation, luck, and circumstance. Frontiers not seen by a generation since perhaps the dot com boom. 

The ZED ecosystem, through its NFT and income-generation hybridization fits this mold like a glove. Even with only ~30k members participating in the Official Discord, almost 6 million USD worth of racing winnings have been distributed. That is a monumental number for something so early, and something so promising. The idea that 10s, if not hundreds of millions of dollars worth of Ethereum can be circulated through a universe with complex underlying mechanisms like a genetic algorithm should excite you!

When we bought our first horse Haza, like many before us and after us we were greeted with disappointment. 25+ odds in every race, never won a single time and A-shaped placing distribution to boot (see the linked chart to see what I mean). An absolutely STUNNING -99.45% ROI (return on investment). Glue, epitomized. So again, what to do?

Through scouring the discord, we found a horse we could take a chance breeding with. Enter: Big Spender. Quite literally nothing to get excited about. 0% win rate, deeply negative ROI. But hey, what could go wrong? Little bit of rated R action and out comes our new baby; Absolute Bute.
Well I’ll be damned! Pour a little Elmer’s on a piece of paper, sprinkle some stale old macaroni and you very well could end up with art. Sure, childlike, nostalgic, worthless art, but art nonetheless. From two absolute duds we’ve found ourselves with a net neutral horse. So why am I telling you this? Let me make my point abundantly clear.

Our previous blog post highlighted how genetic algorithms work, and how just like in nature, completely new individuals, with maintained traits from parents and fresh new mutations burst onto the scene. From a remarkably low initial population size and number of generations we have already seen common distributions, studs from no name parents, and continuity within esteemed bloodlines. But I implore you to realize that we have not even begun to to sniff the surface we’re supposed to be scratching. In the quest for the most fit horses we must go dozens if not hundreds of generations deep throughout the lifespan of ZED. Horses you see dominating the class structure with Ricky Bobby-esque swagger will likely be obsolete in the blink of an eye. Be it stable mismanagement, breeding mismanagement, or pure chance, the landscape will evolve rapidly. 

Our darling Vanilla Bean did not come from established winners. We didn’t pay multiple ethereum for a shot at a proven line. Her mother Honey Nut was glue. Her father Starlet unraced with numerous and volatile offspring. We took a chance, recognized our reward, and put on the risk. All of the community created tools out there let you understand, and for the sake of a plug, KNOW YOUR HORSES. The opportunity to analyze and plan out a course of action will be invaluable once the gates open to breed again. Even if you are sitting, disgruntled and bored with negative ROI adhesive, you simply cannot sell yourself short. Stay the course. Race your horses. Prepare to breed. The next Secretariat could be hiding beneath a misunderstood line of code, waiting to be mixed, turning glue to gold.