Know Your Horses Plug-in: Features List

By Ryan Trost

Introducing the KYH Plug-In: 
An augmented ZED Run experience brought to you and powered by Know Your Horses
Developed by Tyler

Many of the origins of the features and designs you can find on our native site were born out of necessity. Tracking win rates and profit. Seeing your placement distributions. Speed. We have harvested an incredible amount of data from every race and every horse that has allowed us the unique opportunity to assist in displaying this information in a more intuitive and streamlined way. By augmenting the ZED Run site using the plug-in, you will have an instant look at high level data you’d otherwise need to flip back and forth to our site for. Your experience while managing your stable will now be much more enjoyable.

Download instructions can be found here:
You also can find a link on the left side bar menu titled: "Download Plugin"
This is a temporary download method while we wait for approval from the Google Chrome Extensions Store

The features of the plug-in are separated by page type and will be updated constantly with new quality of life fixes and even more accessible data. Below is a list of the current versions features.

KYH Plug-in Version 1.0.5 - Last updated 9/15/2021
Browser capabilities: Google Chrome

Horse Profile Page

  • Total profit
  • Heat percentage lifetime
  • Place percentage (2nd place finishes)
  • Show percentage (3rd place finishes)
  • Link directly to KYH profile page
  • Stamina as a % 

My Stable Page

  • For each horse in the stable:
    • Stamina
    • W/P/S
    • Win Rate
    • Show Rate
    • Heat %
    • Breeding reset date

Stud Market Page

  • For each stud in the marketplace:
    • Profit
    • Heat %
    • Place %
    • Show %

Open Races Page

  • Heat % at that distance for all competitors currently entered into the race

Horse Selection Page

  • Stamina %
  • Heat %

For future update information, news on the latest version, or any feedback and suggestions, please reach out to us on discord or @knowyourhorses on Twitter! Thank you for your continued support and we hope you enjoy your new ZED experience.