Breeding Totals
18 Covers Sold
1.6622 ETH Stud Fee Received

Breeding Log
Date Partner Offspring Total Fee Revenue In-House?
Plastic Pasta
Z4 Szabo Genesis 🔱 Titan Breeding 🔱
The First Child
Z7 Szabo Legendary 🔱 Titan Breeding 🔱
0.075 ETH 0.042 ETH
Nasty Night
Z11 Szabo Exclusive Black Ops Breeding
It Pays To Be A Winner
Z14 Szabo Exclusive Black Ops Racing
0.075 ETH 0.042 ETH
Z E D RUN Official
Z17 Buterin Legendary Schafhof
BOOSTER vaccinated
Z20 Buterin Exclusive Schafhof
0.075 ETH 0.042 ETH
Buffalo Rifle
Z9 Buterin Genesis MB Stables
Scintillating Performance
Z12 Buterin Legendary MB Stables
0.0594 ETH 0.0333 ETH
Cloud Forest
Z10 Finney Legendary TNT Racing
Viking Graffiti
Z13 Finney Exclusive TNT Racing
0.0594 ETH 0.0333 ETH
Investigate It
Z4 Szabo Genesis Norgie's Racers
Z7 Szabo Legendary TheLaFells Mares
0.0594 ETH 0.0333 ETH
Z3 Nakamoto Exclusive Echo Bay Racing
Persian War
Z6 Szabo Exclusive ✨⭐🌛Halcyon Meadows🌜⭐✨
0.155 ETH 0.0868 ETH
What Do You Eat
Z4 Szabo Genesis Bay Creek Stable
Morning Train
Z7 Szabo Legendary Immaculate Chaos
0.155 ETH 0.0868 ETH
Secret Spell
Z6 Finney Genesis Dark Horse Barn
Kyrie Eleison
Z9 Finney Legendary Happy Virtual Horses
0.155 ETH 0.0868 ETH
The Chocolate Cake Kid
Z4 Szabo Legendary Calumet Moose Farm
Marcus Agrippa
Z7 Szabo Exclusive Calumet Moose Farm
0.25 ETH 0.14 ETH
Z7 Szabo Exclusive Waller Juice
Green Eyed Dragon
Z10 Szabo Exclusive Waller Juice
0.25 ETH 0.14 ETH
Glitch Striker
Z9 Buterin Genesis Silver Moss Stables
Mister Irrelevant
Z12 Buterin Legendary Silver Moss Stables
0.25 ETH 0.14 ETH
Twin Twister
Z5 Szabo Exclusive Diamond Hands Breeding
Green Eyed Lori
Z8 Szabo Exclusive High Horse Ranch
0.25 ETH 0.14 ETH
Word Herd
Z3 Szabo Genesis Danshan
Green Eyed Larrieta
Z6 Szabo Legendary Noble steedz
0.1626 ETH 0.0 ETH
Trips Not Trips
Z3 Szabo Genesis Dark Horse Barn
Nothin But Bussin
Z6 Szabo Legendary 🍀Its More Than A HUSTLE❗
0.1626 ETH 0.0 ETH
Beacon of Light
Z2 Nakamoto Genesis Archibald Royal Family
Dominate Being
Z5 Szabo Legendary Eufloria
0.3576 ETH 0.0 ETH
Alhambren Vengeance
Z2 Nakamoto Legendary Alhambren🩸Quality Barn
Worthy Of Praise
Z5 Szabo Exclusive Alhambren🩸 (Rali Racing)
0.55 ETH 0.308 ETH
Chilli Blizzard
Z5 Finney Genesis M.O.B.B Stables
Zooted Runs
Z8 Finney Legendary M.O.B.B Stables
0.55 ETH 0.308 ETH