Breeding Log
Date Partner Offspring Total Fee In-House?
Thunderous Roll
Z3 Nakamoto Exclusive Currean Stable
Clos de la Barre
Z5 Nakamoto Exclusive Grand Cru Stud
0.0756 ETH
Spirit of Pony Fish
Z3 Nakamoto Legendary Grande Ourse
Les Chaignots
Z5 Nakamoto Exclusive The Copper Penny Ranch
0.14 ETH
Proud Delight
Z1 Nakamoto Genesis Danshan
Sundown Delight
Z3 Nakamoto Exclusive Kingpin Development
1.0 ETH
Looking Great
Z2 Nakamoto Genesis Zerga Training 2
Great Soiree
Z4 Nakamoto Exclusive Polka City Wonderhorses
0.435 ETH
Mexican Supplements
Z6 Nakamoto Elite Maitlackers Studs
Puesta Del Sol
Z8 Nakamoto Cross Kinfolk ✌️
0.0729 ETH
Z4 Nakamoto Exclusive Frozen Creek Stables
The Great Beyond
Z6 Nakamoto Elite ☘️💚WonkyDonkey💚☘️
0.0756 ETH
Z2 Nakamoto Legendary Dark Horse Barn
Z4 Nakamoto Exclusive Naptown Colts
0.0783 ETH
Ohhh Bermuda
Z2 Nakamoto Legendary 💎DiamondDen Studs💎
So Sorry
Z4 Nakamoto Exclusive Beers! Chicago Racing Co.
0.0783 ETH
Fire Ember
Z2 Nakamoto Genesis Scrub Enterprises
Twin Flame
Z4 Nakamoto Exclusive 4 Bloods - Female
0.12 ETH
Hector of Troy
Z7 Finney Legendary 4 Bloods - Stallion
Z9 Finney Exclusive Moe's Tavern
0.0279 ETH
Lucid Dreams
Z2 Nakamoto Genesis Cream City Colts
Z4 Nakamoto Exclusive Nifty Nags
0.16 ETH