Breeding Totals
5 Covers Sold
0.0454 ETH Stud Fee Received

Breeding Log
Date Partner Offspring Total Fee Revenue In-House?
Long Time Gone
Z16 Buterin Exclusive SangudoStables - Echo
The Leaker
Z27 Buterin Elite Mr Ed's Lease & Stud
0.0162 ETH 0.0091 ETH
Hay Eating Gorilla
Z30 Buterin Exclusive SangudoStables - Echo
I Am Weary
Z41 Buterin Elite SangudoStables - Echo
0.0162 ETH 0.0091 ETH
Barrel Zone
Z26 Buterin Exclusive SangudoStables - Echo
Swing & Miss
Z37 Buterin Elite Elm Racing
0.0162 ETH 0.0091 ETH
Z18 Buterin Legendary Sangudo Stables - Alpha
Barrel Full of Oranges
Z29 Buterin Elite SangudoStables Clearance
0.0162 ETH 0.0091 ETH
Raw Dubliner
Z31 Buterin Exclusive SangudoStables - Echo
China owns Trudeau
Z42 Buterin Elite ALEX4MAX
0.0162 ETH 0.0091 ETH