Breeding Totals
13 Covers Sold
0.2579 ETH Stud Fee Received

Breeding Log
Date Partner Offspring Total Fee Revenue In-House?
Z36 Buterin Exclusive Eiger 4Leaf
Unnamed Foal
Z44 Buterin Exclusive Eiger 4Leaf
0.0216 ETH 0.0121 ETH
Silky and Sleek
Z8 Buterin Genesis HighGradeHorses
My Golden Ticket
Z16 Buterin Legendary Family Time Racing
0.036 ETH 0.0202 ETH
Z23 Buterin Exclusive Stanley's PacerPalace
Z31 Buterin Exclusive Stanley's PacerPalace
0.036 ETH 0.0202 ETH
False Reality
Z16 Buterin Legendary Stanley's PacerPalace
Dark Pulse
Z24 Buterin Exclusive Stanley's PacerPalace
0.036 ETH 0.0202 ETH
Z25 Buterin Cross Stanley's PacerPalace
Z33 Buterin Cross Stanley's PacerPalace
0.036 ETH 0.0202 ETH
Welcome To The Jungle
Z8 Buterin Genesis Savemi Stables
Champagne Comedy
Z16 Buterin Legendary Savemi Stables
0.036 ETH 0.0202 ETH
Z36 Buterin Exclusive Turner Farm
XRP Army
Z44 Buterin Exclusive Turner Farm
0.036 ETH 0.0202 ETH
Stoner Horse
Z15 Buterin Elite Eazy Peasy
Megan Thee Stallion!
Z23 Buterin Elite stable 17361071
0.036 ETH 0.0202 ETH
Twisted Twilight
Z9 Buterin Genesis Silky's Stable
Thistle Missile
Z17 Buterin Legendary Snooble Stables
0.036 ETH 0.0173 ETH
Secret Door
Z10 Buterin Genesis Up The Duff
Tranquil Runner
Z18 Buterin Legendary Duttons Stable
0.04 ETH 0.0224 ETH
Guessed It
Z9 Buterin Genesis No Mercy Stables
Mommy's little monster
Z17 Buterin Legendary Treasures
0.036 ETH 0.0202 ETH
Helenic Racer
Z8 Buterin Genesis Silky's Stable
El Morado
Z16 Buterin Legendary Clifton Racing Co
0.04 ETH 0.0224 ETH
Z7 Finney Genesis Silky's Stable
Z15 Buterin Legendary Chesapeake Racing
0.04 ETH 0.0224 ETH