Breeding Totals
5 Covers Sold
0.1687 ETH Stud Fee Received

Breeding Log
Date Partner Offspring Total Fee Revenue In-House?
Gentil Andrea
Z19 Buterin Legendary XRP-horses
Z26 Buterin Exclusive XRP-horses
0.0567 ETH 0.0318 ETH
Z18 Buterin Legendary Miller Time
River on Hyzer
Z25 Buterin Exclusive Miller Time
0.0945 ETH 0.0529 ETH
Mr Carter
Z10 Finney Legendary Runaway to the Bay Racing
Maybe Next Time!
Z17 Finney Exclusive Mix - Nomoos racing
0.05 ETH 0.028 ETH
Z9 Finney Legendary Practice Racing
Free River
Z16 Finney Exclusive Sven Stable
0.05 ETH 0.028 ETH
Z7 Szabo Legendary Baby Coby Bull Factory
Baby Boi
Z14 Szabo Exclusive Baby Coby Bull Factory
0.05 ETH 0.028 ETH