Breeding Totals
6 Covers Sold
0.0262 ETH Stud Fee Received

Breeding Log
Date Partner Offspring Total Fee Revenue In-House?
Too Finney
Z18 Finney Cross Chocobo Farm
Z128 Buterin Pacer Chocobo Farm
0.0126 ETH 0.005 ETH
Chrome Taupe
Z21 Finney Exclusive NoSoup Stables
Terminal Chrome
Z131 Buterin Cross NoSoup Stables
0.0082 ETH 0.0 ETH
Shrimp Gumbo
Z19 Buterin Legendary NoSoup Stables
Kick It
Z129 Buterin Cross NoSoup Stables
0.0082 ETH 0.0 ETH
Yea nah
Z46 Buterin Cross 🥕Breed and feed🥕
Yea nah gold
Z156 Buterin Pacer 🥕Breed and feed🥕
0.0126 ETH 0.0071 ETH
Feisty Francesca
Z100 Buterin Cross MetaParking
Guilty By Association
Z210 Buterin Pacer Day Feen Studz
0.0126 ETH 0.0071 ETH
Cross Donkey Queen
Z102 Buterin Cross 💎 CARPE DIEM RACING 💎
Terminal Donkey
Z212 Buterin Pacer Bored Ape Stables 🐒
0.0126 ETH 0.0071 ETH