Breeding Totals
17 Covers Sold
1.1827 ETH Stud Fee Received

Breeding Log
Date Partner Offspring Total Fee Revenue In-House?
Boom Block
Z4 Nakamoto Exclusive The Trust Dynasty
Supreme Boom Boom
Z7 Nakamoto Elite The Trust Dynasty
0.073 ETH 0.0409 ETH
Z4 Nakamoto Legendary Scuderia Costanza
Supreme Repressor
Z7 Nakamoto Exclusive Scuderia Costanza
0.073 ETH 0.0409 ETH
Crystal Pippin
Z17 Buterin Legendary Cadillac Racing Barn
Z20 Buterin Exclusive 🏵️ Not so Stablecoin 🏵️
0.073 ETH 0.0409 ETH
Breathless Dandelion
Z8 Szabo Exclusive ELKINS Racing
Z11 Szabo Elite ☘️💚WonkyDonkey💚☘️
0.073 ETH 0.0409 ETH
CZ's Battle
Z3 Nakamoto Legendary 🧬GVG Genetics 🧬
Z6 Nakamoto Exclusive 🧬GVG Genetics 🧬
0.11 ETH 0.0616 ETH
Dark Nyx
Z3 Nakamoto Legendary 🪂 Velo Racing 🪂
Dark Elegance
Z6 Nakamoto Exclusive 🐎Arbitrage Racin🐎
0.073 ETH 0.0409 ETH
Mazoyeres Chambertin
Z2 Nakamoto Legendary ✨ Solare Stables ✨
Graceful Grandeur
Z5 Nakamoto Exclusive ✨ Solare Stables ✨
0.073 ETH 0.0409 ETH
PayDay For Juanita
Z16 Finney Exclusive Glendale Glue Factory II
Supreme Payday
Z19 Finney Elite Glendale Glue Factory II
0.129 ETH 0.0722 ETH
Jack And Hymn
Z5 Nakamoto Exclusive Poseidon Auction House
Supreme Blood
Z8 Nakamoto Elite GGoker Stables LLC
0.0783 ETH 0.0438 ETH
Luna Jack
Z3 Nakamoto Legendary Black Diamond Racing
Supreme Display
Z6 Nakamoto Exclusive Caldi’s Cavalry
0.0783 ETH 0.0438 ETH
Luna Hymn
Z5 Nakamoto Exclusive Poseidon Premium
Luna Polarity
Z8 Nakamoto Elite stable 71686396
0.0783 ETH 0.0438 ETH
Found A Duck On The Edge
Z19 Buterin Exclusive The Trust Dynasty
The Edge of Polarity
Z22 Buterin Cross The Trust Dynasty
0.25 ETH 0.14 ETH
Chromatic Vallely
Z3 Nakamoto Legendary Norgie
Supreme Vallely
Z6 Nakamoto Exclusive Oulk Stables💣
0.25 ETH 0.14 ETH
Grand Horse
Z12 Szabo Exclusive ♞Plottin N Trottin♞
Supreme Horse
Z15 Szabo Cross 🏇🏿Galactic Genetics🧬
0.25 ETH 0.14 ETH
Z4 Nakamoto Legendary Iamthegr8one racing
Mixing Supreme Grandeur
Z7 Nakamoto Exclusive Iamthegr8one racing
0.15 ETH 0.084 ETH
Z15 Buterin Exclusive NextGen Racing
Supreme Grandeur Egyptian
Z18 Buterin Elite One_For_The_Road
0.15 ETH 0.084 ETH
Path of Glory
Z8 Finney Legendary Shoreline Racing
Path of Grandeur
Z11 Finney Exclusive Shoreline Racing
0.15 ETH 0.084 ETH