Breeding Totals
3 Covers Sold
0.0454 ETH Stud Fee Received

Breeding Log
Date Partner Offspring Total Fee Revenue In-House?
Cause A Pig Is A Cop
Z11 Finney Legendary The Progeny of Peja
Truffle Pig
Z17 Finney Elite The Progeny of Peja
0.027 ETH 0.0151 ETH
Last Will and Testament
Z16 Buterin Legendary Liams Horse Shack
Nil IHT on Forestry
Z22 Buterin Elite Vector Stable Racing
0.027 ETH 0.0151 ETH
Corporate Enterprise
Z17 Buterin Exclusive dudeviper garage queens
Lumber Jack
Z23 Buterin Elite Starstable01
0.027 ETH 0.0151 ETH