Breeding Log
Date Partner Offspring Total Fee In-House?
I Want More
Z5 Nakamoto Exclusive Wrentham Racing Group
Julies Ambition
Z9 Nakamoto Elite Wrentham Racing Group
0.25 ETH
Z3 Nakamoto Legendary Grande Ourse
Z7 Nakamoto Exclusive Cadet Bloodstock🩸🏇
0.35 ETH
Invoked Edge
Z3 Nakamoto Legendary ➡️ Artisan Stables ⬅️
Julies Edgy
Z7 Nakamoto Exclusive Wrentham Racing Group
0.25 ETH
Forever New
Z2 Nakamoto Genesis wagmi Racing
New Julie
Z6 Nakamoto Exclusive H-Oasis
0.57 ETH
We Did Go To Brooklyn
Z11 Szabo Exclusive Zerga Hurting Inside
wen Bali
Z15 Szabo Elite 🏔Western Sky Ranch🏔
0.054 ETH
The Nautilus
Z2 Nakamoto Legendary West Lake Racing
The Naughty Cat
Z6 Nakamoto Exclusive Barracuda34 Stables
0.0783 ETH
Looking Great
Z2 Nakamoto Genesis Zerga Hurting Inside
Yimmy Graham
Z6 Nakamoto Exclusive Zerga Hurting Inside
0.12 ETH
Z2 Nakamoto Genesis Floplawful Racing
Before I Fall
Z6 Nakamoto Exclusive Zorro Stables
0.12 ETH
Austin Riffle
Z1 Nakamoto Genesis Early Birds Racing
Too Close For Comfort
Z5 Nakamoto Exclusive Zerga Breeding Females
0.23 ETH
The Calm
Z3 Szabo Genesis Zerga Hurting Inside
I Am A Robot
Z7 Szabo Exclusive Piker's Picks
0.065 ETH
It's My Choice
Z4 Szabo Genesis Mounts of Aesir
Time is a Poison
Z8 Szabo Exclusive 🏝 Zerga x FastEddy
0.0594 ETH
Expedition Hero
Z2 Nakamoto Genesis Zerga Hurting Inside
Luis Mendoza
Z6 Nakamoto Exclusive H-Oasis
0.2 ETH
Z1 Nakamoto Genesis 🇮🇹 Bamonte's Racing
Fulton Reed
Z5 Nakamoto Exclusive 🏝 Zerga x FastEddy
0.1951 ETH