Breeding Totals
15 Covers Sold
0.8943 ETH Stud Fee Received

Breeding Log
Date Partner Offspring Total Fee Revenue In-House?
Mask Zora
Z5 Finney Genesis Ape Sh!t Stables
Casted Zora
Z9 Finney Legendary Ape Sh!t Stables
0.1 ETH 0.056 ETH
Quick Shifter
Z7 Finney Genesis FAQ Nursery
Quick Cast
Z11 Finney Legendary FAQ Nursery
0.1 ETH 0.056 ETH
Is She Into You
Z10 Buterin Genesis Arrowhead
Shaman Healer
Z14 Buterin Legendary Arrowhead
0.1 ETH 0.056 ETH
Z10 Finney Elite Unstable 42069
Kita Mean
Z14 Finney Elite Unstable 42069
0.1 ETH 0.056 ETH
Final Reflection
Z3 Szabo Genesis Kai
Final Reflection Sec
Z7 Szabo Legendary Bunnings Marehouse
0.119 ETH 0.0666 ETH
Z4 Nakamoto Legendary Timberlakes
Donkey Dic
Z8 Szabo Exclusive Timberlakes
0.119 ETH 0.0666 ETH
Crimson Force
Z5 Finney Genesis 💎Diva’s Diamond Racing
Sweetest Taboo
Z9 Finney Legendary Emerald City Stables
0.119 ETH 0.0666 ETH
Key Lime
Z11 Szabo Exclusive Rorka Racing | RRZ
Beautiful Chaos
Z15 Szabo Exclusive Rorka Racing | RRZ
0.115 ETH 0.0644 ETH
First Musketeer
Z9 Buterin Genesis Boston Stables
Third Musketeer
Z13 Buterin Legendary Lukash Digital
0.115 ETH 0.0644 ETH
Saturday Night Light
Z10 Buterin Genesis MACH 1 Racing
The Way
Z14 Buterin Legendary ITS LIT
0.115 ETH 0.0644 ETH
One O ’clock Rock
Z9 Buterin Genesis Welcome to the Glulag
Simple Rick
Z13 Buterin Legendary Welcome to the Glulag
0.099 ETH 0.0554 ETH
Electric Fusion
Z4 Szabo Genesis Trust the Pastas
Z8 Szabo Legendary Italian Studs
0.099 ETH 0.0554 ETH
Jamie Kah
Z8 Szabo Exclusive History Of Doofy Breakers
Casted Kah
Z12 Szabo Exclusive History Of Doofy Breakers
0.099 ETH 0.0554 ETH
Rockfield Last
Z8 Buterin Genesis 4 Bloods
Z12 Buterin Legendary 4 Bloods
0.099 ETH 0.0554 ETH
Serious Star
Z9 Buterin Genesis Bananas Stable
Casted Gravity
Z13 Buterin Legendary The Space Station
0.099 ETH 0.0554 ETH