Breeding Totals
30 Covers Sold
0.9525 ETH Stud Fee Received

Breeding Log
Date Partner Offspring Total Fee Revenue In-House?
Biggest Berry
Z10 Finney Legendary Maple's Stirrups
Severus Snipe
Z20 Buterin Exclusive Maple's Stirrups
0.0216 ETH 0.0086 ETH
Wayward Tiffany
Z13 Szabo Exclusive TriStar Holdings
Z23 Buterin Exclusive TriStar Holdings
0.0216 ETH 0.0086 ETH
Same Difference
Z9 Buterin Genesis Chicago Stables
Shine Different
Z19 Buterin Legendary Chicago Stables
0.0216 ETH 0.0086 ETH
Triple V
Z3 Nakamoto Exclusive Crimson Racing
Quadruple V
Z13 Buterin Exclusive Crimson Racing
0.05 ETH 0.028 ETH
Eat More Protein
Z9 Buterin Genesis DK Donkeys
Vector Protein
Z19 Buterin Legendary DK Racing (.eth)
0.05 ETH 0.028 ETH
Follow Me
Z9 Buterin Genesis A Different Breed Racing
Follow My Shine
Z19 Buterin Legendary A Different Breed Sales
0.05 ETH 0.028 ETH
Taikun Prince
Z8 Buterin Genesis Cleftal Horizon Racing🦄
Cleftal Horizon
Z18 Buterin Legendary James x CHR 🦄
0.075 ETH 0.042 ETH
Queen of Gains
Z12 Szabo Elite Kaiju Experiments
Queen of Shine
Z22 Buterin Elite 🐴 Donkey Paradise 🐴
0.075 ETH 0.042 ETH
Special Kaus
Z5 Nakamoto Exclusive Diamond Hands Other Bro
Vector Special
Z15 Buterin Exclusive Diamond Hands Other Bro
0.075 ETH 0.042 ETH
Blanca Nieves
Z19 Buterin Legendary Scuderia EPIK ✔
Blanca Shine
Z29 Buterin Exclusive Buterin's Revenge
0.05 ETH 0.028 ETH
Apple Sugar
Z11 Buterin Legendary TriStar Racing
Vector Buzz
Z21 Buterin Exclusive TriStar Racing
0.05 ETH 0.028 ETH
Cardiac Fast
Z10 Szabo Exclusive Vitalik's Pony Club 🦄
Swift Shine
Z20 Buterin Exclusive Swift Silks Racing
0.05 ETH 0.028 ETH
Dark Deal
Z10 Buterin Genesis Zẹ
Dark Shine
Z20 Buterin Legendary Zẹ
0.05 ETH 0.028 ETH
Clock work
Z4 Nakamoto Exclusive 🔥Gogi
Negative Gains
Z14 Buterin Exclusive 🐎 3 Degenz Freeroll
0.05 ETH 0.028 ETH
Zella Rock
Z15 Finney Exclusive Rockabella Racing
Pretty Rad
Z25 Buterin Exclusive Rockabella Racing
0.05 ETH 0.028 ETH
Barok Head
Z3 Nakamoto Exclusive Janine’s Majestic Ranch
Z13 Buterin Exclusive sales4
0.0216 ETH 0.0121 ETH
Barok Mallon
Z6 Szabo Exclusive Equus Digitalis
Z16 Buterin Exclusive sales4
0.0216 ETH 0.0121 ETH
Barok Grandkid
Z8 Szabo Exclusive Ω Pandora's Box Racing Ω
Z18 Buterin Exclusive sales4
0.0216 ETH 0.0121 ETH
Brooklyn ’s Best
Z5 Finney Genesis Stable Bois
Sterling Sharpe
Z15 Buterin Legendary 🐶 Rocco Stable Studs 🐶
0.0216 ETH 0.0121 ETH
Kissed On The Grave
Z11 Finney Legendary GuWeRa Stables
Aj Moghaddam
Z21 Buterin Exclusive Craggy Island Stables
0.0216 ETH 0.0121 ETH